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About Us

Envisage Insights LLP is a company incorporated in Mumbai. We have been in business for over 13 years and worked on scores of brands. We have been instrumental for brand designs, logo creations, brand strategy, brand launch events, CRM activities and using all media in a tightly coordinated manner.

Our core strengths remain to have a great brand strategy and also executing the strategy across various media through in house capabilities .

The team is almost 25+ and we are happy to have an in-house Design, Activation, Media management, Digital marketing, Brand strategy, etc .



Our works

<b>RTICLAV campaign</b><br/> Chest infections are very common in children as their lungs are still in a growing phase. These cause a lot of discomfort for the children. It is also observed that in small children. Adherence to medication is low and they frequently refuse to take medicine because of its bitter taste. <br/> We came up with a campaign to highlight the advantages of our brand with the twin benefits of effective medicine and better compliance due to sweet taste and a plastic bottle.
<b>WAI Campaign </b><br/>This was a campaign which got us many kudos. Infection is one of the most common cause of disease and death in India. Most Pharma companies have multiple therapy options to manage infections. Our brief was to come up with a creative and unique campaign which focuses on the role of medicine in managing infections in the ICU’s and hospitals. <br/> The creative showed the doctors as commandos or Special Forces fighting at their best against hospital infections (which are tougher to control than normal infections). Thus came upon the campaign: War against infections
Envisage specializes in creating unique and extraordinary experiences at events. Whether it is a stall design or medical CME or a conference for field force motivation, we employ the best strategies and tools for excellent results. <br/> All collaterals and creatives needed for a successful event are all designed and printed in-house giving a seamless experience to the clients. Our events and stalls do succeed in creating a WoW Client experience.
Media engagement is increasingly gaining traction with companies wanting to not only communicate with their end users but also those who want to run exhaustive awareness campaigns. We harness the reach and exclusivity of media to offer solutions across all media platforms : TV, FM Radio, Web portals , etc. We also create solutions which uses both the national and the regional language media platforms thereby making the reach wider and deeper. <br/> Execution of all these media activities with support for recording and editing facilities is also in house thereby ensuring seamless experience of the client through the campaign.
In today’s complex & digitally connected world, customized and high end webcast and webinars are the need for every brand. Envisage provides technically advances solutions for webcast, webinars, video conferencing across the country. This service comes with excellent service and assistance in conducting and planning of such events as well. <br/> This again ensures a complete package of services for the brands

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